M7 Manual Weigh Station

Incorporating a low version of the M7 with side exit, we have integrated a manual feed system with digital weigh scale and weigh bucket.  This allows you to package products that are difficult to dose on a Linear or Multihead scale.  

Ideal For

Product sold by count
Large piece size products
Irregular shaped products
Stick or elongated products
Double or more ingredients per load


  • M7 Pouch Machine
  • Exit Conveyor
  • Bulk Feed Tray - Can be split for multiple products loads
  • Digital Readout with Setpoint
  • Precision Load Cell (20 BIT A/D)
  • Choice of 1.6 , 2.5, 3 or 5 Litre Weigh Buckets


M7 Pouch Machine

115 Volt 20 Amp Single Phase
Compressed Air:
0.6 m3/min (cubic meter per minute)
Up to 5KG